#EW - People Are Licking Toilets For The #Coronavirus Challenge

At a time that we are supposed to be "social distancing" there are people who are doing the opposite.

Apparently (and sadly) a Tik Tok user by the name of Avalouiise is trying to start the #CoronavirusChallenge. In a clip, she is seen completing the "challenge" by licking a toilet seat, a complete 180 from the social distancing and sanitizing approach that is going on across the nation.

Nonetheless, the video is shocking the internet.

Honestly, I think the poor girl is doing this for attention which sheds light on a larger issue of young social media users doing almost ANYTHING for attention and "fame"

If you can handle it, you can see the video below. Luckily she seems to be the only one doing the challenge. Fingers crossed this doesn't spread.

Source: Pop Culture

....spoke too soon! There are other users licking other germ infested place like door knobs. Why? Just why?

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