Use The "Wheel of Emotions" To Help Name How You Are Feeling!

O! Tik Tok!

If you do not know by now, I am OBSESSED with Tik Tok because I learn so much. The app is not just a platform for funny one minute videos but it is a platform that share saving tips, beauty recommendations, and life hacks. Psychology facts have become very popular on the app and one of them stood out to me!

User David Z on Tik Tok shared a video captioned "It’s normal to not have the words to describe how you’re feeling. Hope this helps."

And in the video he shows you how to google "Wheel of Emotions" and basically it is a wheel of 133 different emotions (yes, I counted) and you start from a broad emotion that we can all name and work your way outwards until you find the specific word! This way you can better communicate how you are feeling, both good and bad!

Hopefully this helps!

Here is the link to the actual wheel!


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