Find out the Color of Your Name With a New Tool

Synesthesia is a rare sensory trait shared by about 4% of the population, and it comes in many forms. People who “see” or associate letters and numbers with specific colors have grapheme-color synesthesia, and it’s the most common form. Other forms of synesthesia involve seeing or feeling musical notes as colors or textures, having visualized representations of time, and in rare cases, even tasting words.

After many years of struggling to describe her synesthesia visually, Bernadette Sheridan, writer at Elemental created a website called Synesthesia.Me. It features simple geometric portraits of these color combinations.

You can find our the color of your name here ->

Simply type in any name, and as you type, the “synesthesia” view of your name appears on the screen! You can see our name colors below!

Have fun!

Source: Elemental

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