Youtube Page Is Just Toad Yelling Your Favorite Songs

You are at work, bored, and you just need something friviolous You are at work...bored and you need something frivolous to watch to speed up time...well I have the YouTube page for you!

The page was created by melancholiaah and if you want to know what the page is about...stop guessing becuase in the "about" section all it says is

"im gonna do whatever i want here"

But the most popular part of the page is videos of Toad from the Mario franchise singing very popular hit songs.

Toad singing "Chandelier" by Sia, a YouTube video from 2018, is currently enjoying a resurgence on Twitter but no need to look for the tweet...we have the masterpiece here for you.

If that doesn't fill your appetite for Toad scream content, plenty of other YouTubers have also honed their impressions for your benefit. (Just type "Toad singing" into the search bar.) But honestly, none are quite as spot on as the above. There's no accounting for talent.

But before you do, check out Toad's best impersonation of Lady Gaga!

Source: Mashable

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