#InmateInfluencers - Prisoners Are Becoming Social Media Influencers

Making thousands on Instagram is not only for the Kardashians but apparently inmates as well.

Former inmates and ex-cons are drawing in a large followings with their videos, some boasting millions of followers — all while making millions of dollars.

“After Prison Show,” was started three years ago by ex-con Joe Guerrero after he served seven years for cocaine and firearm possession. Guerrero’s first viral video was about how to make a prison tattoo gun, the Washington Post reported, and his channel now has nearly 205 million total views.

The “Lockdown 23and1” channel, which has 405,000 subscribers, even touched on questions including “What happens after the lights go out?” and even cliche questions like: “What happens when someone drops soap in the shower?”

The channel “Fresh Out- Life After The Penitentiary” has a segment called “Prison Talk” with popular videos about joining a gang in prison, with 3.5 million views, and the perils of being short and skinny in jail, with 3.7 million views.

Marcus Timmons, also known as “Big Herc,” runs the popular “Fresh Out” channel, which has over 450,000 subscribers. An ex-con convicted of bank robbery, he recently told Insider he makes “thousands of dollars a month in ad payouts” from his popular videos.

So who’s watching? Inmates looking for survival tactics, curious people who never commited a crime and everyone in between.

Source: NY Post

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