You Can Now Buy a Vending Machine Stocked with Champagne

If you're looking for Christmas gifts this year that 99.9 percent of us can't afford, Neiman Marcus just released its 93rd annual Christmas Book. The book includes a whole bunch of over-the-top, expensive items targeted at people with way, way too much money.

One of the items on the list this year is a $35,000 Moet and Chandon vending machine. The good news is that it also comes fully stocked with 360 mini bottles of champagne.

Some of the other items include:

1. A $700,007 James Bond Aston Martin designed by Daniel Craig, along with a limited-edition Omega watch 

2. You can star in a $400,000 makeup session by a makeup artist named Mario Dedivanovic. He's Kim Kardashian's makeup artist.

3. A Versace punching bag for $1,550. You can also get Versace boxing gloves for $3,275

Source: FORBES

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