11 Signs Burglars Spot to Know Your Home Is Vacant

Can you beat a burglar and spot the signs that no one is home?

SWNS Digital has shared a game to see if you can notice the signs.

As the clocks go back later this month, it can become more obvious to an opportunistic burglar which houses are occupied and which have been vacated for an autumn break.

Here are the things you should have noticed...

  • Light left on throughout the night - lights on at strange times make it obvious no one is home
  • Door is unlocked - Garage, shed and conservatory doors should be locked regardless of where you live.
  • Valuable items seen through the window - valuable items on display can entice intruders
  • Trash - Boxes for expensive items, such as tech, in recycling areas can give a lot away
  • A key under a doormat - It’s an easy find like setting a password as 1234.
  • Having an alarm system in line of sight - This means burglars can see if it’s activated.
  • Curtains left half open - Letting people see into your home and who’s there or not?
  • Post piled up in the letterbox - This could signal an unoccupied property.
  • Ladder in the garden - building materials such as ladders can easily be used to smash or reach windows.
  • Window open - No matter how high, they are often easy to jimmy open if left unlocked or ajar.
  • No car in driveway - It’s evident somebody hasn’t come home if a thief is watching the property, or similarly if a car hasn’t been moved for some time.

Source: SWNS Digital

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