How to Remove Your Phone Number After Facebook's Latest Leak!

On Thursday, TechCrunch reported that phone numbers associated with millions of Facebook accounts had been exposed after being stored in an unprotected server. And luckily according to a Facebook spokesperson, they confirmed that to the company's knowledge, no one's account has been compromised. Still, if you'd like to remove your phone number from Facebook altogether, the platform makes it pretty simple.

According to Facebook's own guidelines, if you're on a computer, you should use the main Facebook drop down menu, which is shaped like a tiny carrot, to access Settings. Once you're in Settings, click "mobile" after it appears in the sidebar on the left side of your screen, Facebook says. Then when you're in this window, you should see your phone number pop up if it's affiliated with your account. If it's there, simply click "remove," which will bring up a confirmation screen. You then have to hit "remove phone" to complete the deletion process, Facebook indicates.

So now you can have some peace of mind!

Source: Bustle

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