This $28 Stone Can Detect Ghost in Your Home!

There is a stone that allegedly detects the presence of ghosts— and you can get it right on Amazon. Made by Japanese company SolidAlliance, the device, called Baketan Reiseki, purports to indicate via colorful lights whether there are any supernatural beings surrounding you at any given time.

SolidAlliance’s first ghost detector was introduced in Japan in 2005. It apparently became “a big hit in the sub-culture market” in the country, with “lots of ghost reports” being “sent to the company and media.” More than 200,000 of the devices were sold in Japan — and ever since then, SolidAlliance has periodically released new editions of their ghost detectors, including the little device we’re looking at today.

You would think something of this nature would carry a hefty price tag but it is only $28! Whether or not it actually works remains to be proven — but it could be a fun toy in time for Halloween!

Source: Bustle

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