#Trending - People Are Inhaling Vodka from Balloons!

Apparently shots are old school and now people are inhaling vodka from balloons!

The Sun first reported on this new trend. Several bars in the U.K. are now offering you the chance to pay £5 to get your very own balloon filled with gaseous vodka which you can then inhale and get drunk very quickly.

The machine vaporizes the vodka and turns it into a gas which you can then carry around with you in a little balloon. It apparently designed to get you drunk more quickly. Some people mention that it tastes strong and "gross" at first but then gets the job done—the job being getting wasted and they are really into it.

Though it does get you drunk quickly, The Sun reported that it also wears off after about 20 minutes. And yes, = experts have confirmed that this whole trend is pretty risky.

"Alcohol entering your lungs will go straight into your bloodstream and so you could become very drunk very quickly, which could put you at all kinds of risk—for example, from alcohol poisoning," Andrew Misell, a director of Alcohol Change, told The Sun.

But a representative from Vapshot went on record to say it's actually safe to consume alcohol this way.

Would you try this?

Source: Delish

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