[VIDEO] Auctioneer Fails Horribly During Bid for 1939 Porsche!

Accents can be tricky!

A one-of-its-kind 1939 Porsche-badged sports car that was expected to sell for at least $20 million over the weekend flopped on the auction block due to a series of miscommunications.

RM Sotheby's in Monterey, CA, shut down the sale for the Type 64 sports car Saturday when it did not reach the minimum price required by the seller. The bid closed after a misinterpretation over the amounts of the bids. Bids of $13 million, $14 million and $17 million were erroneously listed as $30 million, $40 million and $70 million. Confusion in the room ensued and there was even an attempt to auction the car after the event but with no luck.

No one has identified the auctioneer but officials said an auction for a McLaren F1 the night earlier was completed without incident.

Source: UPI

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