This Video of Bill Hader's Face Transforming into Other Celebs Is Trippy!

Everyone on the internet is losing it over a video that has gone viral of Bill Hader's face perfectly turning into Tom Cruise and Seth Rogan! But this is not a magic trick, it is an editing trick called a "DeepFake"

I am going to nerd out on for a second to define what a "deepfake" is! Deepfake video is created by using two competing AI systems -- one is called the generator and the other is called the discriminator. Basically, the generator creates a fake video clip and then asks the discriminator to determine whether the clip is real or fake. Each time the discriminator accurately identifies a video clip as being fake, it gives the generator a clue about what not to do when creating the next clip.

If you are still confused, basically deepfake is the ability to merge two faces together seamlessly! If you noticed you could barely tell when Hader's face transformed, until his face reached the final form!

Check out the video below!

Of course, everyone is freaking out!

What do you think about this?

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