Target Is Releasing Halloween Costumes for Kids With Disabilities!

Wheelchair users have to get crafty when it comes to Halloween costumes because there are no ready-made options at retailers for kids who use wheelchairs.

Not anymore! Target wants to change this by including four adaptive costume designs that not only dress up the person but the chair as well!

Target’s adaptive princess costume includes a long pink gown and crown. The dress opens in the back for ease of dressing and is designed to be wheelchair-friendly. A wheelchair cover, turns the princess’s wheelchair into a royal carriage for the night of the ball.

Target’s pirate costume includes everything you need to transform for the high seas, including vest, pants, eye patch and hat. The wheelchair cover is designed like a pirate ship with a black flag and ocean-themed wheel covers.

Two additional costumes are included in Target’s adaptive Halloween line, including a unicornand a shark. Both costumes have flat seams and no tags for kids with sensory issues. In addition, you can remove the hood, wings or fins to accommodate other sensitivities. Both costumes include a hidden opening in the front of the design for easy abdominal access.

The princess and pirate costumes are currently available for preorder on Target’s websiteand will ship after Aug. 22. The pirate costume is $25 and the princess costume $20, while both wheelchair cover sets cost $45 each. The shark and unicorn costumes retail for $30 each.

Happy shopping!

Source: The Mighty

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