Leonardo DiCaprio Said HE COULD Fit on the Door in Titanic!

Fans of the movie, "Titanic," have been wondering for years about the ending. Now? Leonardo DiCaprio finally addressed one of the biggest movie controversies of all time...well, sort of. The question: Could his character Jack in the movie have fit on the door at the end of the Titanic?

Alternate endings have been created to where DiCaprio's beloved character gets a happy ending with Kate Winslet's 'Rose.' DiCaprio was finally asked his thoughts on whether Jack could have fit on the floating door during an MTV interview promoting "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" with Margot Robbie and Brad Pitt.

Brad Pitt said that he could have definitely fit on the door, but DiCaprio sat there with his arms crossed. "No comment," he offered. "Like, I said, I have no comment."

Source: MTV

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