A Deaf Couple Is Opening a Restaurant in DC with an All-Deaf Staff!

Mozzeria, a popular Neapolitan-style pizza restaurant, announced on Facebook it will open a second location in Washington, D.C., in 2020, making the pizzeria a national franchise!

Back in 2011, Mozzeria opened its first location in San Francisco and the company was started by Melody Stein and her husband Russ Stein, both of whom are deaf.

The DC location will be near Gallaudet University, a college dedicated to deaf and hard-of-hearing students and if this is not amazing enouugh, the Washington, D.C., Mozzeria will also employ an all-deaf staff.

According to Mozzeria, construction on the new location will begin in fall 2019 in anticipation of a spring 2020 opening. Hiring is expected to begin in early 2020. The search for an additional location in Austin is ongoing.

Source: Yahoo

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