Avoid Using These 7 Manipulative Phrases!

Sometimes we say something and think it is harmless but it really caused more harm than good! We have all been there and sometimes it is good to take a step back to make sure the words we use are more helpful than harmful!

The writers at Bustle talked to Mary Beth Somich, licensed professional counseling associate for more insight on this!

1. "I Told You My Secrets, It's Only Fair To Tell Me Yours"

You should never feel obligated to share your private thoughts or secrets with anyone, even your partner. If anyone makes you feel bad for not opening up right away, it's OK to be suspicious about their motives. If you don't want to share, you don't have to.

2. "This Always Happens To Me"

3. "I Thought You Of All People Would Understand"

Emotional manipulators are skilled at making others feel guilty.

4. "I Never Said/Did That"

"Emotional manipulators are unaware of the harm they cause others, so they'll either deny that they did it or try to justify it," Mathai says.

5. "You're Just Being Irrational"

"Toxic people make you feel that you are the problem when in fact you are not the problem,"Dr. Sherrie Campbell, PhD, psychotherapist and couples counselor, tells Bustle.

6. "Are You Sure You Want To Do That?"

Manipulation can be very subtle. For instance, they may say something like, "You like that show?" or "Are you sure you want to wear that out?" in a way that suggests there's something wrong with your choices. "You can never see what's wrong with what you're doing, but you feel their judgment," licensed clinical psychologist,Aimee Daramus, Psy.D.,tells Bustle.

7. "If You Do This For Me, I'll Know You Really Care"

"You should also look out for someone who makes statements that carry guilt or shame with them," Justin Baksh, LMHC, chief clinical officer of Foundations Wellness Center, tells Bustle.


Source: Bustle

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