These Clothing Brands Want You To Stop Washing Their Clothes!

Would you buy a shirt you didn't have to watch? Or a pair of pants that only needed to be washed once a year! Well there are some brands out there discouraging customers from doing laundry!

Unbound is part of a wave of startups designing clothes that require less laundering. An eco-friendly brand called Pangaia, which launched late last year and already counts celebrities like Jaden Smith and Justin Bieber as fans, creates $85 seaweed fiber T-shirts that are treated with peppermint oil to keep the shirts fresher longer between washes. The brand estimates that this will save about 3,000 liters of water over the course of a lifetime, compared to a regular cotton T-shirt.

Then there is menswear label Wool & Prince, which creates everything from $128 oxford shirts to $42 boxer briefs out of wool, all designed to be washed infrequently. Last year, the company launched a sister women's wear brand called Wool& that makes dresses that can be worn for 100 days straight without washing.

This new flock of wash-less brands are capitalizing on the convenience of not having to do laundry every week! If you are are still uneasy about this concept, the biggest pull for customers is that the items are eco-friendly!

Source: Fast Company

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