Is It Okay to Play the Radio for Your Dog?

We hate leaving our furbabies alone! So to compensate for our absence, we may leave the TV or the radio on so that they are not too alone. But is it good for your dog? AOIFE HANNA from Bustle spoke to dog behavioural expert Sharon Jennings of The Office Dog, who knows all about what to do to keep your pooch happy as Larry. Because of this, she is just the person to ask about whether your little mate fancies some tunes or not.

Jennings tells me it's fine to play music or the radio to your dog, but there is a catch. "Radio can be good as long as there isn't too much human voice on it," she says. "So talkback radio is a no no."

Jennings also pointed me towards some pretty cool research that I didn't even know existed. This research pointed to dogs being big fans of Reggae and Soft Rock.

Hanna also found that there s a production company that actually specializes in making music for your dog's needs? Yes, Relax My Dog, which was founded back in 2011 by entrepreneur Amman Ahmed and producer Ricardo Henriquez, is the absolute one for dog chill time.

Now it is time to make some adjustments for your pet!

Source: Bustle

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