You Can Stay in an Apollo 11 Spaceship for $60 a Night!

An Apollo 11 spaceship available to rent on Airbnb. Located in Pukaki, Canterbury, New Zealand, this standalone Apollo 11 replica built by Airbnb host Peter, is in the mountainous South Island region of New Zealand, and according to happy guests, it looks and feels every bit legit.

This is incredible home is surrounded by turquoise lakes, snow-capped mountains and grassy plains *swoons*.

The replica space ship has a clear Perspex roof that you can view the stars through at night and the mountain during the day. Though the space ship is small, it has everything you might need, like a toilet, shower, sink, heat, air conditioning, fridge, microwave, bed, and breakfast table. Some visitors said that the WiFi is not that strong but if that is the price you'll pay for these views...take it! Especially for only $60!

Source: Bustle

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