This Clothing Line Wants You to Embrace Your Bulges and Rolls!

When you go shopping, you probably look for items that slim you down, narrow you out. You are typically not looking for a dress that causes bulges or pant that causes rolls!

Well one designer is creating on a new take on how clothes should fit.

Brazilian fashion designer Karoline Vittofinds beauty in the little rolls women were always told to hide. In her new graduate collection, which debuted at the Royal College of Art 2019 MA degree show, Vitto launched a line of clothes that accentuated the folds and curves of the female body!

The collection marched down the catwalk on June 8, and it featured simple cut out slip dresses, bondage-like jumpsuits, and sheer paneled maxis. These clean-cut looks were minimalist in design, but they had small accents — like metal frames or thick bandage straps — that enhanced bulges and rolls.

Vitto's goal with this new collection is to help inspire people to start perceiving their bodies more kindly, and no longer feel pressured to look a certain way. And it has been working.

Source: Bustle

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