5 Things to Stop Doing on Venmo!

Money transferring apps like Venmo are amazing but can bring out the worse in people! Try to avoid doing these five things!

1. Stalling on a payment

Waiting more than 48 hours to make a payment after it’s been requested is considered flaky. Don't be that person!

2. Financial ghosting

If the person who covered for you could afford to pay for everyone they wouldn't have asked you to Venmo them! Put yourself in their shoes and imagine how you would feel.

3. Sending a Venmo request after a date

This is a big NO NO! It is 100% okay to discuss the payment plane BEFORE the date but not after. It can totally ruin a mood.

4. Allowing others to read your payment history

Venmo found that users are scrolling through the app up to three times per week looking at other people’s feed and what they’re spending on. So if you send money for something inappropriate or illegal, beware that an employer or someone important can see. Dun dun dun.

5. All those Venmo payments add up, but don’t be cheap

Charging someone because they had 3 beers out of your six pack and you only had two...is tacky! We all want to save money but that is not the way!

Source: Market Watch

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