Travel Diary | Tulum, Mexico


My tan lines are fresh, I am still finding sand in my shoes and my souvenirs have been put away which means it is the perfect time to tell you about my time in Tulum, Mexico!

Tulum is about an 1.5-2 hour ride from Cancun. As you drive down this one, very long highway you can see this very bohemian town begin to appear. The resorts get smaller and everything still looks undiscovered!

You may have seen some of the locations pop up on Instagram as the area become even more popular! You can tell by all the "lease now" billboards that even the town knows it is going to expand over the next few years.

But let me stop describing the scenery and get down to the nitty gritty. The activities!

Coco Beach Bar

When we arrived, the bar was closed! July begins the shore's hurricane season which means right before the beaches get COVERED in seaweed! I mean covered! The resorts try to clear it away for guests but it is so hard to manage with all of the seaweed coming from Brazil. Flying in the air the waves that normally look white were brown. Not very picturesque.

With that being said. If it was a good beach day, the bar would look gorgeous! Everything is light and airy and has a youthful aspect with swings!


Over the course of two days. My friends and I traveled to 4 cenotes! What is a cenote? Good question!

A cenote is a deep, water-filled sinkhole in limestone that is created when the roof of an underground cavern collapses. This creates a natural pool which is then filled by rain and water flowing from underground rivers.

These can range from the very creepy to the very beautiful. All of which were safe for swimming! But beware, a lot of cenotes are surrounded by caves which means BATS!

Also the cost is pretty low to swim in one. It was about $8 per ceneote and the last one we went to was $20 for a tour of four cenotes!

The ones I visited was (from left to right): Cenote Ecoturistico X-Cajum, El Gran Cenote, Suytun Cenote and Casa Tortuga

Chichén Itzá aka The Chicken Pizza

If you are interested in a little history and seeing one of the eight wonders of the world... this is the place for you! About 2 hours away lies an area FULL of history!

I love learning about the cultures of other places and this was one of the most interesting tours EVER! I really do not want to spoil any of it for you but I highly recommend it!

Sunset Champagne/Azulk Tulum

If you want to add a little glamour to your trip, I recommend doing the sunset champagne at Kin Toh Azulik.

After climbing a million stairs and one scary bridge above the trees, you get this breathtaking view of the beach and the sun setting over the forrest.


Food wise, I wish I could remember the name of every place I ate at but here is a tip. ASK. THE. LOCALS!

The never led us astray!

Where are you traveling to next?

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