IHOP Changed its Name Again and the "P" Stands For...

IHOP announced they were going to change the meaning of the IHOP acronym, to make the “P” stand for something other than pancakes. And we all had flashbacks of last year’s marketing stunt where the International House of Pancakes changed its name to IHOb, with the “B” representing burgers.

Well now it seems we know what the “P” stands for and its pancakes,but that’s what IHOP is calling burgers now, apparently.“When we changed our name to IHOb (for burgers) the Internet told us to stick to pancakes,” the chain writes on their website. “So we’re sticking to ‘pancakes.’ Hint: They’re burgers.”

So basically, it’s just burgers. One has a cheddar cheese pancake between two beef patties, but literally still burgers. Also as part of their new promo, IHOP claims it tracked Twitter users who were critical of the IHOb campaign last year and put them on a “Bancake” list and they’ll need to tweet something positive about the burgers to get off that list and possibly be given a “reward.” But does anyone care about getting called out by IHOP?


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