The #BratzChallenge Is Taking Over Instagram!

If everyone is beginning to look even more doll like on Intagram it is because of the Bratz Challenge! This involves people implementing some expert contouring skills to transform themselves into their fave Bratz dolls!


I was a HUGE fan of the Bratz Dolls! They were way edgier and cooler looking than the barbie! While I couldn't slather my face in makeup at the age of 12 with this challenge I may have to embrace my inner kid and join this challenge! 

Some makeup artist are embracing their fuller feature to mimic the dolls and they look amazing!

Check out @xobrendababe who is making it hard to tell which one is the doll and which one is the person! 


Or how about @zoemexiamakeup who took on the famous disheveled Bratz doll!


Want to know how to turn yourself into a Bratz Doll...head on over to YouTube!



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