An Edit Button May Be Coming To Twitter!

Forget about all of the tweets YOU messed up on – think about all of the tweets a “certain someone with a national profile” could stand to edit every now and then. It’s not lost on any of us that an “edit” button on Twitter would do a world of good. That said, it could also be used to wreak havoc.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey mentioned during a talk in New Delhi that an edit button on Twitter could totally happen if it was done in the right way. If you’re just looking to quickly edit a typo or a misspelling, fine. But the fear is that people will use the feature to edit any tweet they’ve ever sent. That could be dangerous.

It’s a scary thing to think that anyone with a large following could edit their past tweets to say literally anything and make it seem like a bunch of people agreed with it. That seems to be Twitter’s only drawback from creating the feature. It seems they’re considering implementing a five-minute window in which you can edit your tweet’s simple mistakes.

Let’s all hope!

Source: Bustle

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