Kiehls Released A Skin Care Advent Calendar!

Beauty junkies will love counting down the days till Christmas with this.

We’re still weeks away from Halloween, but ‘tis the season to start getting your Advent calendars for the Christmas countdown. These days you can find all kinds of Advent calendars, from ones filled with chocolate to adults-only versions that feature 24 tiny bottles of wine. But the ones filled with beauty products are always a treat and this year Kiehl’s has gotten in the game with it’s skincare Advent calendar.

The beloved beauty brand’s festive calendar comes with small sized customer favorites, from moisturizers and facial serums to face masks. Even the fan-favorite, Kiehl’s Lip Balm #1 appears behind one of the cute paper doors. The limited-edition calendar is shaped like a briefcase with cute holiday-themed packaging and it sells for $70.

These are sure to be big sellers and unfortunately, they’re already on back order now. But you can still place your order on their website before that “Back Order” button becomes a “Sold Out” one.

Source: PopSugar

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