#47 Listen To Us Ramble! | Wingin' It

About Wingin' It

Hosts (and friends) Kala Simmons and Shelby Sos (Sos) talk all things beauty, and lifestyle! From makeup mishaps and disaster dates, to being twenty-somethings interning for a hit radio show in Washington D.C., we never really know where the conversation may lead! Just like our lives, and our eyeliner, we are Wingin' It!

#47 | Wingin' It

Kala and Shelby are back! This episode we discuss how much information social media influencers should share to their followers and we predicted a major life event to an infamous YouTuber! Also everyone has heard of long distance relationship but we discuss long distance friendships! Then Shelby and Kala discuss what gifts are appropriate in an early stages of a relationship! 

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