Nose Art Is The New Trend In Make-up!

Nose art on Instagram is the next beauty trend gaining momentum, as spotted by Allure.

Taking their brushes to their bridges and nostrils, makeup artists are altering their noses with shadows and liners, Allure found. It's not a part of the face that you'd typically think to decorate, but the practice is making for some stunning nose jobs, even if it does look like a glorified pore strip.

Pinpointing the source of the trend is nearly impossible, as there's no specific person to credit as the creator of the look. But plenty of beauty gurus have gotten on board with the fad, filling their Instagram feeds with stellar nose art inspiration.

Source: Bustle

And what is amazing about this trend is that the possibilities are endless! You can go all out like this amazing sunny side up style that Makeup artist "GothFruits" has done!

Or incorporate your nose in a simple manner by adding a little more blush on the nose to create this dramatic monochromatic look.

What do you think of this trend! #LetsTalk @KalaTweets_ on TWITTER!

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