PROOF! Zach Braff & Dax Shepard Are The Same Person!

We love a good Hollywood doppelgänger. There’s Reese Witherspoon and daughter Ava, Prince Harry and Ed Sheeran, and — lo and behold — Zach Braff and Dax Shepard. That’s right. We’ve just discovered that two of our most-favorite comedy dudes have almost identical bone structure.

Shepard mentioned how his wife Kristen Bell once took a photo of the two dudes side-by-side at an awards show, and then used a face swap app to meld their faces together. Turns out, the face meld version of the duo looked almost identical to the original…meaning they basically have the same face to begin with.

Lucky for us, looks like Bell saved the photo, and Shepard shared it on the Armchair Expert Insta account. Are you ready for this?

CRAZY, right? We’re honestly not even sure which is the before and which is the after.

And the dudes see it too. There were several moments in the conversation when Shepard literally paused just to say how weird it was looking directly at someone who looked so much like himself (“You’re getting lost in your own eyes,” Braff joked. LOL).

Also while I was reading proof on them being the same person, I noticed that

Zach Braff is ATTRACTIVE!




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