Man Forgiven For Pepperoni Seagulls!

A Canadian man finally got the chance to clear his name after 17 years in exile from a hotel in British Columbia. His ordeal began in 2001, involving a flock of seagulls (the animals, not the band) and a suitcase full of pepperoni.

Nick Burchill of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, was staying at the Fairmont Empress Hotel during a business trip about 17 years ago, the CBC reported. Along with his typical belongings, Burchill had a small suitcase full of Brothers Pepperoni, which he planned to bring back home to friends.

According to Burchill’s Facebook post, his bag was temporarily misplaced. When it finally arrived at the hotel, he was concerned about keeping the pepperoni cool, and so he laid the food out on a table near an open window. (It was cold outside.)

“And that's when things kind of went bad,” Burchill told the CBC. He was putting it mildly.

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When Burchill returned to his room about five hours later, it was overrun by hungry, pepperoni-crazed seagulls.

The hotel was able to move Burchill to another room for the rest of his stay. However, when he returned home, his employer received a letter from the hotel stating that Burchill was no longer welcome.

After 17 years, Burchill was in the area again, and he made a peace offering to the hotel: a pound of pepperoni and a letter of apology, which is copied on Facebook.

“I have matured and I admit responsibility for my actions. I come to you, hat-in-hand to apologise for the damage I had indirectly come to cause and to ask you reconsider my lifetime ban from the property,” he wrote.

It didn’t take long for the hotel to get back to Burchill, granting him a pardon and finally allowing him back to the hotel.

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