Jesus Tried To Rob Pizza Hut!

A North Carolina man claiming to be Jesus Christ broke into Pizza Hut and called the police on himself saying 'Jesus is here now, he's back to earth'.

Police arrived on the scene to arrest Richard Lee Quintero, 46, for breaking into the pizza joint at 4:30am on Wednesday. 

In the bizarre phone call audio obtained by WFMY, Quintero says he has schizophrenia and goes on to describe how he broke the window at the High Point restaurant saying 'I’m Jesus, I can do whatever I want'.

The dispatcher then asks where Quintero came from.  

'I'm from heaven,' he answered. 

He broke into this Pizza Hut at 4:40am, ate a pizza and drank a Mountain Dew before calling the cops on himself

He later told the dispatcher that he has schizophrenia.        

He was charged with felony breaking and entering and felony larceny. 

Source: Daily Mail 

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