#39 - I Wear The Pants! | Wingin' It

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Hosts (and friends) Kala Simmons and Shelby Sos (Sos) talk all things beauty, and lifestyle! From makeup mishaps and disaster dates, to being twenty-somethings interning for a hit radio show in Washington D.C., we never really know where the conversation may lead! Just like our lives, and our eyeliner, we are Wingin' It!

#39 I wear the pants and the shorts in this relationship! | Wingin' It

HAPPY MARCH! On today's episode Kala and Shelby fill you in on the new social media app taking over, Vero! Then when should you start talking about your ex? The girls tell you when and how on today's podcast and who wears the pants in your relationship? Hit the play button! 

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