Snapchat Loses Over 1 Billion Dollars Because of Kylie Jenner!

A Tweet Took Down Snapchat!

When Kylie Jenner tweets, investors might be paying attention. That possibility may now have some social media platforms running scared.

On Wednesday, Jenner, who has 24.5 million followers on Twitter, threw shade at Snapchat with a tweet asking if anyone actually used the app anymore.

On Thursday, the stock price of Snap, Snapchat’s parent company, fell about 6 percent closing at $17.51. That represented a $1.3 billion loss in value, according to CNN Money.

To be fair, the timing of Jenner’s tweet and Snap’s decline in value may just be a coincidence. Citigroup downgraded the stock on Tuesday because November’s Snapchat redesign has alienated many of its users, according to TechCrunch. 

And Jenner’s diss also reminds people that the redesign alienated enough people that 1 million of them signed a petition demanding the old version of the app be brought back, according to the BBC.

Fortunately for Snapchat, it’s still possible Jenner could be wooed back, based on a tweet she sent a few minutes after her initial diss.

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