Szechuan Sauce Is Coming Back!

McDonald's is finally delivering on their promise to bring back a nostalgic condiment that made fans of the show Rick & Morty completely lose it last fall when they couldn't get their hands on the super-limited release of Szechuan sauce.

On Monday, February 26, every McDonald's across America will start serving Szechuan sauce, according to Business Insider. To prevent the shortages that left fans sorely disappointed last October, McDonald's has released 20 million sauce packets that will be distributed in restaurants until supplies run out.

To take the hype even further, McDonald's teased the wider release of the sauce earlier this week with a three-part podcast on the website explaining what exactly went wrong last fall.

Even though the sauce will not be distributed until next week, McDonald's employees have already started to post photos to Reddit of the vast supplies their restaurants received in advance of the highly-anticipated re-release showing that it won't be necessary to line up in the middle of the night this time around to get it.


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