#36 - Sh**stagram! | Wingin' It

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Hosts (and friends) Kala Simmons and Shelby Sos (Sos) talk all things beauty, and lifestyle! From makeup mishaps and disaster dates, to being twenty-somethings interning for a hit radio show in Washington D.C., we never really know where the conversation may lead! Just like our lives, and our eyeliner, we are Wingin' It!

#36 - Instagram just because our lives are not in order doesn't mean your TL can be out of order too! | Wingin' It

TGIT! On this episode Kala and Shelby share their thoughts on brands taking beauty influencers on lavish vacations! Also Shelby's Instagram TL is only showing her photos from a week ago! IG get it together! Then then Kala and Shelby discuss the joy of read receipts on iPhones!

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