This Beauty Trend Allows You To Embrace Your Breakout!

When it comes to breakouts, there are usually two options: conceal troublesome acne spots, or embrace your pimples. But beauty babe Francesca — better known by her YouTube, beauty blog, and Instagram name, WorkingWithMonolids — found a creative middle ground. Instead of using traditional concealing methods to hide her acne, she highlighted it by transforming the spots into colorful, heart-shaped freckles!

Francesca posted her breakout before-and-after on Reddit and received an enthusiastic response from other makeup-lovers who applauded her festive idea.

Francesca's inspiring response to her blemishes comes just in time for Valentine's Day and makes us want to try this during our next breakout. After all, acne is nothing to be ashamed of; nearly everybody deals with it, so why should we feel the need to hide it like an embarrassing secret? Might as well turn it into an excuse to look extra cute!

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