Javi In The Streets | Ep. 9 Javi Does Zengo Cycle

On this episode of Javi In The Streets, we ride with the good people over at Zengo Cycle at Cathedral Commons in D.C.

Zengo is “is a full-body, cycle-centric workout for your body and mind that will Rock Your Day.” We got a chance to experience the fun, high energy, workout first hand! Check out how much fun we had with our instructor Alli…and how out of shape I am (LOL)

Zengo Cycle is the first fully dedicated indoor cycling studio in the DC area, with locations in Bethesda, Gaithersburg, Logan Circle, Mosaic District and Cathedral Commons. Classes are 50-minutes and unite cardio, core, and weight training into one exciting, beat-based cycling experience.

Zengo instructors even teach themed rides, where the music matches a specific genre or artist pick! I heard that they even do Disney themed rides. What better way to workout, than to the empowering sounds of Mulan or Tarzan?

One of my favorite parts of the experience was the supportive atmosphere and positive energy that the riders and instructors had. This was my first time, and it wasn’t always easy, but Alli always made sure that I was comfortable and doing what was best for me. Zengo is a Judgment free zone where they prioritize your physical and mental health.

Check out all that Zengo Cycle has to offer and more HERE.

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