Bandai Namco Brings One Of The Biggest Crossovers Of The Year At E3

Talk about the most ambitious crossover in history!

On Sunday, during the Xbox E3 Press Conference, Bandai Namco announced the arrival of one of their newest games, “Jump Force”. This took the internet by storm! 

“Jump Force” is a 3D fighting game that pits some of the biggest names in anime against each other! The trailer Bandai released showcased characters such as Naruto, Goku, Monkey D. Luffy, and Frieza duking it out in the center of New York City! There is even a surprise appearance at the end!

My wig was snatched! Check out the full trailer below:

The timing of this game is perfect, because this year is the 50th Anniversary of Shonen Jump, the manga weekly manga magazine.

I am so excited for this game! Bandai is giving me a chance to fight with some of my favorite anime and manga characters from different properties! Game developers discussed how the story mode will be fairly comprehensive and they hope for it to prove engaging for players. 

“Jump Force” is slated to be released later this year, but you are able to pre-order it now on Amazon.

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