Need Your Cherry Blossom Fix? A DC Bar Has Got You Covered

Spring is FINALLY here and it's time to hit the streets of DC! What better way to kick off the start of beautiful weather (and allergy season), than by grabbing a Cherry Blossom themed drink at DC's very own Cherry Blossom pop up bar!

Located on 7th street, just a few doors down from the Howard/ Shaw Metro stop, The Cherry Blossom Pub is open until April 29th. The bar offers a tasty array of themed drinks from the infamous Beana Colada, served in the cat shaped cup, to the beautiful Cherry Blossom G+T.

Need a profile pic for spring? They got you covered! The spot offers a variety of places to strike a pose for the gram! Flowers and vines, Butterflies, and even Godzilla, this place has got it all. Take a look at what it has to offer in the first episode of "Javi In The Streets".

On "Javi In The Streets", I will be taking you to the hot spots, hidden gems, and places you need to know all around the DMV! 

If you wanna know more about the Cherry Blossom Pub, make sure to check them out HERE!

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