Instagram is Testing THREE New Ways To Sort Your Feed

Get ready to have an option on how to view your Instagram feed in the near future because the social media app is currently testing feed options!

Starting this week, Instagram will slowly roll out the ability to choose how you view your Instagram feed between three different options and the one you're most likely going to use is "Following" which puts everything in chronological order.

Here's what each feed option does if you happen to see it pop up on your main Instagram feed and they kind of work just like Twitter:

  • Home: The experience users know today where the app ranks content based on how interested it thinks you are.
  • Favorites: This makes your feed populated with a list of accounts that you want to make sure you don’t miss things from like your family, favorite creators, and other users you want to see content from.
  • Following: You’ll see posts from all your followers in chronological order.

Instagram expects to roll out this feature to more users in a couple of weeks, with the full experience available to all users in the first half of 2022. Fingers crossed it comes to our phones ASAP!

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