A Rare Calico Lobster Was Found At A Red Lobster In Manassas

Sure you might order lobster all the time at your favorite seafood restaurant, but did you know that every once in a while that a rare lobster is sent to restaurants like Red Lobster and is rescued by aquariums?

That's what happened to Freckles the lobster after we was sent to a Red Lobster, but thanks to an employee in Manassas who noticed that he looked different, he is now being sent to the Virginia Living Museum.

Freckles is a calico lobster, which means it has a mix of red and yellow coloring, and apparently only pops up in every 30 million lobsters. You can learn more about how it all went down below and if you happen to visit the Virginia Living Museum in the near future you can meet Freckles in person!

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Photo Credit: Getty Images