A New Reality Show Will Train MMA Fighters To Fight In Space

It seems like space travel might be a common thing in a couple of decades, but get ready for the first reality show in space because a production company called Space 11 is working on the first MMA-based show in space!

The show is tentatively called Galactic Combat and will start with 40 mixed martial artists from around the world who will compete for twelve months in a zero-gravity training facility.

The training and conditioning programs will copy those used in astronaut training and the finale will involve the final two fighters actually being launched into space to fight in actual zero-gravity.

Apparently the show has a team of ex-SpaceX employees, astrophysicists, and astronomers to help make the show possible and there are plans to have the first episode air in 2023.

We think we found your next binge-watch of the future!


Photo Credit: Getty Images