Stray Dog Who Would Steal Same Toy From A Store Gets To Take It Home

We love our rescue pets and this might be the most adorable rescue story of 2020 because a dog named Sisu is going viral for how he was rescued as a stray and it's because of a purple unicorn toy from Dollar General.

Sisu had been living on the streets in Kenansville, North Carolina and would continually roam around a Dollar General store where he kept seeing a purple unicorn toy that he really wanted.

Sisu wanted the unicorn so much that he actually stole the stuffed animal five different times, which led to the store calling animal control.

However, the story doesn't end there because not only did the arriving animal control officer buy the unicorn toy for Sisu, but he also shared Sisu's story with the shelter housing him, which led to Sisu's story being shared over 21,000 times on the Duplin County Animal Services' Facebook page and Sisu getting adopted!

You can see photos of Sisu with his purple unicorn below and now we feel motivated to treat our special pups with a similar toy for Sisu!