These Ten Emojis Are Officially Old According To Young People

You might want to hold off on using your favorite emojis because a new survey found that using popular emojis like the "thumbs up" emoji meant that you were old according to 16 to 29-year-olds!

The nationwide survey found that the "thumb up" emoji was the most popular emoji younger generations saw their parents or older people use all the time when communicating and while it doesn't mean you should stop using it, it does show your age!

According to the same data, by research and insight agency Perspectus Global, the average person sends at least 76 emojis every week, but here are the other emojis, you might want to avoid using from now on:

  • The "Thumbs Up" Emoji
  • The "Red Heart" Emoji
  • The "OK Hand" Emoji
  • The "Crying Face" Emoji
  • The "Poop" Emoji
  • The "Check Mark"
  • The "Monkey With Hands Over Face"
  • The "Clapping Hands" Emoji


Photo Credit: Getty Images