Being Playful Is ACTUALLY Good For Your Relationship

Turns out that we all just want someone who wants to have a little fun every now and again because a new study proves that being playful in your relationships can strengthen your relationship!

A new study from researchers at Penn State reveals that not only can being playful help us manage stress and boost creativity, but it can also boost relationship satisfaction.

Now "being playful" can look differently based on you and your partner's relationship, but here were some of the things researchers thought indicated a couple were playful with one another:

  • Flirting - Helps encourage appreciation, affection and playfulness.
  • Nicknames - Nicknames express affection, reinforce love and boost satisfaction.
  • Teasing - When done right, poking fun at each other keeps things light and relieves tension.
  • Inside jokes - Having a secret language only you and your partner get increases feelings of intimacy.
  • General silliness - Playful interactions like this lighten the mood, make you smile and make your bond stronger.

Time to start working on your relationships y'all!!


Photo Credit: Getty Images