Whiskey Brand Wants To Pay $100,000 For Its Next Hand Model

Have you ever wanted to be a hand model, but haven't figured out how to break into the industry? Fistful of Bourbon is here to help!

The whiskey brand just launched a casting call to find its "Spokesfist" where you will be the brand's hand model for its alcohols and get paid $100,000 for it.

The open casting call is being called "The Search for the $100,000 Fist," and the person who is ultimately selected for this role will appear in future print, video and social media as part of their contract.

The chosen "spokesfist" will also be given a custom-designed bottle, hand spa treatments and workouts, and even be connected with a "top Hollywood hand mode" to prepare them for a life of fame and luxury.

To enter into the casting call you can go HERE and make sure you have up to date photos of your hands because those are now your money makers!


Photo Credit: Getty Images