A Ukrainian Man Staged A Fake Murder To Have Police Plow His Neighborhood

We understand that snow is the WORST to deal with, especially this year with a pandemic on top of it, but you might want to avoid staging a fake murder like this guy did to get out of shoveling snow in his neighborhood.

According to police sources in the Ukraine, an unnamed man from the village of Grybova Rudnya called them using the emergency line to confess to a murder and that he would turn himself in if the police would come to his home.

However, what the police weren't counting on was that the man staged the entire thing just so the police could bring a snowplow to clear the roads in his neighborhood!

When the officers reached the reported scene of the crime and upon questioning, the so-called killer confessed to reporting a fake crime. He's now facing a fine of $4.30, which isn't too bad for getting out of shoveling your driveway!

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Photo Credit: Getty Images