Guy Spends 24 Hours In A Waffle House After Losing His Fantasy League

What restaurant would you choose if you had to spend 24 hours in it? This Atlanta man ended up spending 24 hours inside a Waffle House after he lost his fantasy football league and it actually turned into a very heartwarming story!

The man came in last place in his friends' fantasy football league and as punishment he had to spend an entire day in a local Waffle House, but his friends gave him an out saying that he could leave the restaurant an hour early for every waffle he ate.

The man decided to livestream the whole and ate over 18 waffles to really only be in the Waffle House for about five hours, but what his waitress wasn't counting on was the guy to leave a $1,000 tip after people started a fundraiser on Facebook during his livestream.

You can watch a highlight video of the livestream below, but it's just another example of Waffle House being a magical place!


Photo Credit: Getty Images