Chuck E. Cheese Wants To Destroy 7 Billion Unclaimed Prize Tickets

If you were a Chuck E. Cheese kid growing up, then get ready to be sad/upset because the pizza chain just announced that they are destroying almost 7 BILLION prize tickets that have been unclaimed since the pandemic started.

The company says its need for the tickets diminished as the coronavirus pandemic tanked its sales and temporarily closed its arcades and they wanted to switch to an electronic ticket service, like at Dave & Buster's to help reduce waste.

Turns out that the stockpile equates to about $9 million worth of prize merchandise if they were turned in by customers, but now Chuck E. Cheese is asking for $2.3 million to destroy the excess tickets.

We think it's time to pull of the ultimate heist and rescue these tickets!

(NY Post)

Photo Credit: Getty Images