Franzia Is Selling A Backpack That Dispenses Boxed Wine

One of the common problems boxed-wine drinkers always face is discreetly sneaking their favorite wine in somewhere, but Franzia has come up with the perfect solution to help you out: a backpack that dispenses their boxed wine!

Franzia just released a collection of merchandise that includes party cups, friendship necklaces, and of course wine, but the item that will most likely sell out is the backpack, which you can see in the photo below!

The backpack is designed to hold your favorite box of Franzia wine and comes with an opening on the side to fit the spout so you can pour wine for other people while hiking, chilling at the beach, or at a party.

The bag only costs $32 and as of right now it is currently "coming soon" so you might want to bookmark THIS LINK to get the best gift for the wine lover in your life!


Photo Credit: Getty Images